John Fusco Spotlight Photos:

GERONIMO the stallion -
Geromino is a "strawberry roan, pure Spanish Mustang of long Brislawn lineage." John Fusco

Photo Credits: Richard Curtis.

John Fusco on paint horse - Fusco aboard his true Hidalgo, Chato Red Cloud, rounding up Indian Ponies on his Red Road Farm in Vermont.

Photo Credit: Jeb Wallace Broeder

Fusco and his tiospaye brother, Buddy Redbow, on the set of YOUNG GUNS II.

Photo Credit: Richela Renkun

Frank Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen) and Hidalgo line up at the start of The Great Arabian Desert Race of 1890.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright

Fusco on the set of his first movie, CROSSROADS

Photo Credit: Richela Renkun

Fusco in South Dakota on the set of THUNDERHEART

Photo courtesy of John Fusco

Fusco keeping close to the goods on the set of THUNDERHEART.

Photo Credit: Richela Renkun

John Fusco, first time Executive Producer, on the set of YOUNG GUNS

Photo courtesy of John Fusco


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