Ghosts of your kisses
linger on my lips
tasting sweet with smoke and salt
like ocean air and single malt

I reach under my flesh
and conjure you
open my eyes
to dark, clear and blue

then close them again

Between us there are
deserts, mountains
many miles of emerald forest
and no distance at all aches...
every sound becomes a song
every word becomes a poem

to sand and veils
sage from the top of the world
something sweet and arcane

The burning of the sun
the rhythm of my breath
soft foot fall on silky sand
bring me back again

Bright blue jays
jet black crows
sunbathing lizards
and burrowing bugs
the Goddess welcomes me home

Perry soars overhead
I¹ve missed you, little brother
It¹s been too long
since you have blessed me
with tiny wing and plaintive call

Cry out now and sing with me
wind is keeping time
with the driven tempo
of my breaking heart

Rainbows beckon
promises dance
entice me with your memory
just a little higher

Carefully through
prickly pear and sleeping snakes
cactus flowers
and mud

I let the water take me
drench me and caress me
cool fire passions
soothe desire

wet me
slow me
please me
all the while
thinking of you

The desert like love
offers many sweets
serves them up distilled
with rattlesnakes
and scorpions
and other beautiful poisons

by Natalie Noel

© Natalie Noel