Keep Me


As the poet is the keeper
of desire through the pen

as the upward pressing breeze
supports the falcon's wings

as the almost present kiss
burns with promised fire

and your "never have before"
stops my breath then takes my heart -

Keep me.

As snowfall whispers flowers
through the death of ice to spring

and moon song serenades
her hopeless love to sun

as mountains reach toward meadow
and meadow longs for sea

and desert begs for rain
as I for your caress -

Keep me.

Though I know not your middle name
nor you my favorite song

I open under one full moon
pour my soul into your eyes

then dive, surrender, leave the cliff
the rocks are sharp below

and all I need for protection?
the circle of your arms -

Keep me.

As separation's temporary
death cannot us part

there is no distance, time, no miles
no mountains, countries, space

your smile, your lips, your voice, your eyes
lay bare the everything I am

and thus surrender I in faith
with such sweet purity -

Keep me.


Natalie Noël
March 7, 2015
Mandeville, LA


© Natalie Noël