Why I Cry

Why I Cry

You ask why I weep
as our long talk ends.
I've no steady reply.

Your voice
is angel song to my ears
your every word
gentle breeze drifting through my hair.

Your laughter
the softest touch on my cheek
your deep sighs (of which you're not even aware
as you search for your next sweet phrase)
are whispers of kisses across my lips
I can taste but cannot catch.

When you speak to me
my soul returns for a moment.
I relish her soft embrace
long for your caress
your deep entrancing pool of blue.

When you say you believe
in my honest, true, sincerity
that the simple strength my passion brings
causes you no fear
then dare I hope
that little bit of you you left with me
might join my soul who's flown to you
when next you wrap me in your arms.

I hold my breath and pray
maybe you really will
Keep Me.

The moment of silence draws near
sun fades from my sky
bunny rabbits flee
storm clouds gather overhead
my body grows cold
to the tips of my toes
like the slow approach of certain death
and I begin to weep.

They are tears of joy, yes
and gratitude for your reaching out.
They are tears of such pained longing
as what is left of my heart
stretches through the world to you.
My arms grow sorely heavy
for they lack the length to touch you
across the blackened sea.

They are tears of fear
perhaps my eyes will never behold you again
that the impossible word which holds no life
could scream your name to me!

They are tears of hypocrisy
as I, who profess no belief in time
dread the days that snail-like crawl
through damn-ed slime
keeping your eyes from mine.

They are tears of holy water
I want to pour over you
baptizing you in innocence
healing every wound.

They are tears of regret
for every hurt you've ever suffered
tears of wishing I had been there
all along protecting you.

They are tears of desire
for that perfect joining
of our bodies on the altar
and tears of pride
that we showed courage
to worship each other there.

They are tears of Love
as God bent Earth toward Heaven
to bring us each to the other.


by Natalie Noël